Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Conservative Change Party EU Referendum

Just received a Conservative Party EU election leaflet through the door. It makes a point about giving us a referendum on the EU Constitution - and they do actually call it that, not the Lisbon Treaty:
Gordon Brown has broken his promise for a referendum on the EU Constitution. Conservatives oppose the Constitution because of the massive hand-over of power it would mean, but we believe that it should be up to the British people to decide either way.

We believe that election promises should be kept: it's a matter of trust.
No mention of the massive hand-over of power that has already taken place. Or the fact that it 's up to the Westminster parliament to hold a referendum, not the bogus EU parliament.

No mention of whether this referendum would be guaranteed irrespective of how many member states have ratified it.

And no mention of what the Conservatives would do if the British people voted against the Constitution (and I don't think there's much doubt that is how they'd vote).

Interesting to see, however, that they are calling it what it truly is - the EU Constitution.

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