Friday, 8 May 2009

Matthew Waffle Taylor Waffle Spending Waffle Cuts Waffle

Over on his blog Matthew Taylor, CEO of the RSA, makes waffly sounds about the supposed savings made by cancelling such projects as the ID card scheme:
The costs of dropping a scheme could include money spent winding it down, compensation for cancelled contracts or redundancy payments. These costs are rarely counted in claimed savings.
He seems to saying that a) the amount saved by scrapping 'one-offs' is minuscule compared to the vast debt we're facing and that b) the saving may not be as large as people estimate.

Nothing at all, of course, about the unacceptable nature of the ID card system and its attendant 'one-offs', such as the National Identity Register, ContactPoint, etc.

But there again, Matthew apparently was 'in government' (I thought he was just an adviser to Tony Blair?) and knows about this stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, but I didn't say ID cards were good either. My point is that, whether it's Trident, ID Cards or SureStart we shouldn't use spurious 'savings' to make the substantive case for or against a project. Byt 'hey, thanks for reading'
Matthew Taylor