Saturday, 23 May 2009

Lisbon Lickspittles and Labour Elitism

Hatfield Girl demands Cameron Commit Unequivocally to a Rejection of the Lisbon Treaty.

I think it would be a vote winner, especially in the light of the EU's vast waste of (our) money, including on phantom MEPs on full pay.

Peter Hitchens reckons we don't need a general election, because there's just another bunch of neo-liberal, Blairite EU lickspittles:
most Members of Parliament have been purchased by the European Union and the liberal elite.

They know that their absurdly padded lifestyles are their reward for selling their souls to power, for concealing that 80 per cent of what they do is rubber-stamping European law, and most of the rest is pursuing the relentless agendas of political correctness.

They dared not ask us for more pay, because they feared we would enquire too deeply into what they do and what they don’t do.

So they fiddled themselves more money in secret complicity with their true masters.

There should be no General Election until most of them - and I mean most of them - have retreated in shame into private life.
It's a horrible thing to contemplate, but we may end up with a bunch of tossers even worse than the ones we've got now.

And talking of the new intake lining themselves up for ascension, Boris Johnson has an interesting article on the (now failed) attempt of Georgia Gould (23, daughter of Labour privilege) to secure the nomination for a parliamentary seat.

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