Monday, 25 May 2009

Proportional Fisking Luton Riot Media

A Very British Dude fisks Will Hutton over his blather about Europe.

Unruliness in Luton. Every day is backlash day in the good old UK.

The mainstream media have been running behind the popular mood vis a vis our politicians and are desperately trying to get ahead of the game. Hence their belated enthusiasm for electoral and political reform. I see proportional representation is back in the news - having been soundly ditched for over a decade, without a mention from the media.

Andrew Rawnsley gets in on the act in the Observer: A climate of loathing towards all MPs is bad for democracy. With regard to the withering away of parliament's powers he even manages to make reference to the EU, but only in passing:
The Commons has been further enfeebled by more than a decade of big majority government, the loss of power upwards to the European Union, downwards to devolved governments and outwards to quangoland and executive agencies.
Unfortunately neither he, nor his paper, nor any of his mates in the media have had much to say about the EU for the last decade, thus allowing that political cuckoo to expand its powers unimpeded whilst destroying ours.

The mainstream media are part of the problem. That's why the internet is so vital to our individual and collective freedoms. That's why the political class and their lickspittles want control of it. That's why you get this kind of interfering, authoritarian stuff from people parading under the banner of liberal paternalism: 10 approaches to digital inclusion. Go away and let people work it out for themselves.

The freedom of the internet is under threat - from government, vested interests, and the EU. We are going to have to fight for the freedoms it brings us.

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