Thursday, 28 May 2009

Vote - But Don't Talk About It For God's Sake

The European elections, of course.

As many people will realise, there's little being said in the media about the 'issues' raised by the EU, but an awful lot of guff about low turnouts and people not considering the EU as important. Could be something to do with the fact that the British media assiduously avoid any serious discussion of the EU.

Matt Wardman rants (partly) about this:
Why are so many people considering voting for UKIP and other parties as a direct result of the expenses scandal? Do people really think they are a more moral type of politician? The polls have UKIP up as much as 10 or more points as a direct result of the scandal. This is a Westminster issue, not a European one. Worst of all, is not people protest voting, but people not voting at all. Turnout will be considered a success if it is over 35%. 35%!? Once again our media and politicians refuse to talk about Europe so why the hell would the masses know anything about Europe and why would they vote?
although he comes up with this little surprise:
Why are we talking about a Westminster problem when we are going to the polls to decide on an institution that decides about 40% of our national policy? (Yes 40%, not the 80% myth peddled by our media and the euro sceptics).
What, ONLY 40%? Phew! that's all right then!

Also picked up by Nosemonkey.

And Ranting Stan lambasts all our leaders since Heath for their lies about Europe.

I have in front of me a copy of the Lisbon Treaty (aka the European Constitution), which I intend to read and annotate (unlike Caroline Flint, Minister for Europe, who was too busy putting on her lipstick and adjusting her thong when it was dumped on her desk).

I also have a copy of The Coming Insurrection by 'the Invisible Committee' (aka possibly the Tarnac 9). One, I think, will follow the other in real life.

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