Thursday, 28 May 2009

Lights Out Three Day Week Nostalgia

When the Lights Went Out, ie the 1970s.

That's when we had the three-day week, electricity blackouts, strikes, police brutality, especially care of the Special Patrol Group (SPG), shit British cars, inflation, clothing that was far too tight, terrorism (proper, continuous terrorism), fizzy beer, cold winters, a couple of burning hot summers, disco, Punk and New Wave, Tom Baker as Dr Who, the Winter of Discontent - which was completely unnoticeable in Leeds, where the bins got emptied and there weren't any unburied dead piled up in the street - not to forget the National Front, the ubiquitous smoking of cigarettes, pubs that didn't have bouncers, a complete lack of Health and Safety regulation, Latin in grammar schools, beards and droopy Zapata mustaches, terrible hair, flares, expensive jeans (only two brands really - Levi and Wrangler), a public transport system, casual and acceptable racism, nurses who wore little hats, vinyl and John Peel, a Labour party that was Labour and a Tory party that was identifiably Tory, young people who were interested in politics, grants for students and Social security during vacations. Not to forget Party Sevens and vile wine.

Great times.

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