Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Toxic Campbell Spawn Terrorist Facebook Threat

I can't add anything to the comments made by numerous bloggers on Gordon Brown's pathetic speech yesterday in the European 'parliament' or the amazingly good attacks made on him by Hannan and Farage. I did note that the news (Channel 4, I think) later in the evening only briefly mentioned the speeches, showing a very short clip of a French MEP talking about Brown's 'British jobs for British workers' bollocks. Presumably UK viewers would not have been able to stomach the unpalatable rhetoric of their own MEPs in English.

Also watched that festering bag of toxic odiousness Alastair Campbell on The Culture Show demonstrating exactly what's wrong about the whole New Labour project. For someone who openly despises the media for being self-obsessed Campbell spends an awful lot of time appearing in it himself.

And there's more toss from the government about tracking down terrorists on Facebook and MySpace. Yeah, right, as my 10 year-old grandson would say. Of course, if you were intending to be a terrorist (a proper one, not one of those amateur, unfunded goons after 7th July) then you will probably have sussed that the authorities are watching out for you and therefore it would be a good plan not to make it obvious who you are or what you intend to do. Rather rules out the idea of a Facebook group Terrorists R Us, doesn't it?

All of which goes to show that the government are not really interested in keeping tabs on terrorists and criminals - it's us they want to keep under surveillance.

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