Monday, 16 March 2009

Selling England By The Pound

New Labour to sell off the Royal Mint.

The Spawn of the Manse rules out upping the price of booze. Only because he'd be in hot water with the EU if he tried to make retailers increase the price and because the only other way he could manage it would be to raise excise tax. Not very popular.

And talking of the EU - Slovak farmers are up in arms and drowning in milk.

Tom Harris may not have understood why he received a copy of Orwell's 1984 from libertarians, or why many people are worried about the authoritarian legislation his own government have been introducing (helped by his vote) but he's obviously seen the way things are going and is trimming his political sails accordingly to make himself more popular with the voters. I wouldn't vote for him if the only other candidate were a dead dog.

Rafael Behr also doesn't get it (the Golden age of Liberty is Now).

With regard to something like this, for instance, the implementation of the Data Retention Directive, ie the "we're recording all your telephone and internet activity" act.

Lottery money increasingly used for government expenditure.

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