Sunday, 22 March 2009

Saint George Is Cross And Up Them

The English-hating English and others will no doubt froth at the mouth over this: Boris Plans To Celebrate St George, but it's all predictable given decades of left-wing self-hating anti-English propaganda combined with deliberate EU dismantling of nation states (without actually telling the citizens of those states or allowing them any say in the matter).

What will happen on the other side of the Channel with regard to EU policy, however, may prove more unpleasant. In the UK the flag of St George has now been reclaimed by ordinary people from football hooligans and the fascist parties. As far as I'm concerned flying the St George cross is fine, since it represents two fingers to New Labour, Gordon Brown and all of those brain-dead dogmatists of the left who despised the very country that gave them so much. If they hadn't spent so much bloody time denigrating absolutely everything to do with England and Britain and criticising people for flying the flag, then this resurgent nationalism wouldn't be happening. No one else is to blame. No one.

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