Friday, 13 March 2009

Leaders, Bleeders And Balls

Set off by NHS Blog Doctor's rant against the excremental Balls
All children's services chiefs will be sent for compulsory training in the realities of frontline social work under plans to drive up standards in child protection to be announced today.

A course will be created at the National College for School Leadership to ensure that senior managers are aware of the pressures their staff are under, and are able to do more to address chronic problems of recruitment and retention. (The Times)
- I unearthed the following:

The National College for School Leadership (note leadership, not teaching, God forbid) is an NDPB. That is, a Non departmental Public Body, ie government-funded cash-drain (a quango, in other words).

Too many bloody leaders. It's like Common Purpose. We don't need any more of the useless, self-important bastards, especially unelected ones. The elected ones are bad enough.

Here's the page from the department of can't stop fiddling (Children, Families and Schools), listing NDPBs and similar cash drains. The Childrens' Workforce Development Council is a good one (and nothing about encouraging employers to shove children up chimneys).

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