Thursday, 19 March 2009

Jug-Eared Cockwaffler Terrorist Police Advert Alert

Surprise, surprise: according to a new poll 55% of Britons would like to leave the EU. If the remaining 45% new exactly how much of their lives is governed (and screwed up) by the EU, then most of them would want to leave as well.

Here's the YouTube vid where the jug-eared cockwaffler Charles Clark defends the indefensible.

More police shit.

Why don't these bastards save all the money wasted on stupid advertising campaigns by spending it on getting out there and catching criminals?


The government is really cranking up the advertising on tv: last night I noticed three adverts: one for the YouGov website and two for health and safety issues.

This is Labour's answer to all problems: advertising and databases.

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