Friday, 27 March 2009

British Draper Dregs Media

Prodicus nails the British media for their complete uselessness at understanding the importance of Hannan's speech in the European Parliament attacking Gordon Brown.

And also for inviting that tosser Draper to debate with Hannan.

Then, of course, there's the rather unedifying but occasionally amusing spectacle of Guido versus Draper on Andrew Neil's programme. The best bit being Neil telling Draper to shut up. Unfortunately anyone wanting to find out what blogging was all about would have learned absolutely nothing from what they heard. Not that Draper has any idea himself.

My advice to Guido with regard to future televisual outings is: smarten yourself up (not hard when confronted with a pathetic wannabe trendy skip-dweller like Draper), forget the internecine details of your spats with the Dungheap and concentrate on explaining to the public at large what blogging is and why it's important for our political process. All Draper needs to do to show what a pompous, bullying, vacuous little tosser he is is open his mouth.

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