Saturday, 7 March 2009

Special Delusional Relationship Morality Harris Cant

Nile Gardner:
The president may not yet appreciate the huge importance of the Special Relationship, but when he crosses the Atlantic for the first time as president he will begin to understand the great significance it carries in the hearts and minds of the British people.
A comment which which shows that Nile Gardner is as deluded as Gordon Brown. There is no special relationship and everybody in Britain knows it. It's embarrassing and demeaning for us to see our Prime Ministers behaving like this.

Some bloggers think that Labour MP Tom Harris has seen the light: The return of morality. It strikes me as a load of disgusting hypocritical cant.

The state of British 'education': over at the Libertarian Alliance blog are copies of AQA GCSE exam papers for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. They're even more appalling than I suspected - not just for the abominably low level of information required to pass them but also for the blatant propaganda they contain. I'd like to know what A-level papers are like - anyone got copies?

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