Tuesday, 24 March 2009

No Contest Dirty Nuke Terrorist Strategy

Oh my God! Terrorists plan to nuke us! I think I'll worry about that when Iran has finally managed to make a bomb.

Good job the government are onto it and have enlisted all of us in fighting those nasty people.

Bob Quick, the UK's most senior anti-terrorism police officer, says: "We aim to deport foreign nationals who pose a public danger". Which is OK, except for a couple of points. Firstly you can't deport someone who has blown themselves up or otherwise killed themselves in a terrorist attack. Secondly you can't deport any terrorist if they're a British citizen. And thirdly, you won't be able to deport any terrorist if they're a citizen of the great EU superstate.

As for the e-borders strategy of boasting about new technology that isn't in place yet and making life difficult for everybody else so that they can "spot terrorist suspects sooner", it does rely on the premise that terrorists are too stupid to realise they may be being watched.

The police and various other nosey jobsworths around the country meanwhile are busy harassing photographers and snooping on people and their bins, etc, using anti-terrorist laws as justification.

My personal tactic for reducing the risk of me being attacked by terrorists is to stay well away from that awful London place (and most other big cities).

Any bets on there being a series of terrorist 'incidents', 'alerts' or 'outrages' between now and the general election? Just to keep us grateful for having a New Labour government?

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