Saturday, 12 September 2009

(Why) Are The Tories Just Another Bunch Of Lying Shitbags?

Iain Dale thinks everything's going to be OK with the Tories with regard to the Independent Safeguarding Authority. Strikes me he's being incredibly naive. Full quote from his blog here:
Grayling: Abolition of the ISA Is An Option
Iain Dale 12:31 PM

Following on from the last post I have just had a lengthy conversation about the ISA with Chris Grayling. I asked him why he hadn't committed the party to outright abolition of this scheme and I have to say I was reassured by the answer. Apparently James Brokenshire from his Shadow Home Affairs team and Maria Miller, the Shadow Children's Minister have been working on a review of this scheme for some time. They are looking at several options, and outright abolition is indeed one of them. Chris said: "We are considering all options, including abolition." He understandably didn't want to pre-empt their conclusions in his article.

Chris was also at pains to point out that the government has gone totally overboard in 'gold plating' the implementation of the legislation. Wasn't it always thus? The key, if abolition is the way forward, is to then work out a way forward which achieves the aim of protecting children - so far as is possible - but doesn't create an administrative nightmare or an overpowering state.
I've never had close up dealings with politicians the way Dale has but even I smell the stink of hypocrisy. This is full of typical political pussy-footing: 'working on a review', 'considering all options', criticising the government for 'having gone too far', etc. Then the killer of the final sentence, which assumes that such extra legislation is actually necessary. We all know the only proper option is complete abolition.

I hope to be proved wrong, but I suspect the Tories will make a bit of noise about the ISA but either quietly let it continue or simply 'modify' some of its components.

I don't think they've got either the courage or the intelligence to wipe it from the face of the earth, together with ContactPoint and all the other repressive legislation instituted by New Labour.

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