Monday, 7 September 2009

Barroso's Brilliant EU Tax Idea

Jose Manuel Barroso: plan for EU tax to appear on all receipts - Telegraph
All shopping and petrol station receipts in Britain could in future include the amount of VAT or fuel duty that goes directly to Brussels as an "EU tax", according to Jose Manuel Barroso...

Mr Barroso said under the proposals, "EU and national VAT should appear as separate taxes on the invoices or receipts" every time consumers make a purchase, buy fuel or pay for an airline ticket.
This is a great idea - letting us all know how much of our cash is being scammed by the bastards in Brussels. Most people here don't actually realise that VAT is an EU tax. Just the thing to stir up even more ant-EU feeling in the UK. Which is why I can't see it happening.

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