Friday, 11 September 2009

Independent Rebellion Authority Official Beware

Now that news of the Independent Safeguarding Authority is making it into the MSN, people are starting to get angry. At long last they are beginning to understand what Stalinist control freaks New Labour really are.

This new piece of legislation now makes the assumption that anyone working with or coming into contact with children is a paedophile and needs to be vetted (and charged for the privilege).

Details of what constitues 'controlled' and 'regulated' activities (the terminology says everything, doesn't it?) can be found on the ISA website of via our Scribd site.

As can this curiosity, A Letter to Posterity, by author Dennis Wheatley. There's a lesson for us all in the following paragraph:
It will be immensely difficult to break the stranglehold of the machine, but it can be done, little by little; the first step being the formation of secret groups of friends for free discussion. Then numbers of people can begin systematically to break small regulations, and so to larger ones with passive resistance by groups of people pledged to stand together – and eventually the boycotting, or ambushing and killing of unjust tyrannous officials.

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