Thursday, 3 September 2009

NHS No Cuts Expensive Save No Cash Plan

BBC NEWS | Health | NHS workforce cuts plan rejected.
The government says it has rejected advice from management consultants to cut the NHS workforce in England by 10% over the next five years.

The plans to close 137,000 clinical and admin posts were proposed by McKinsey and Company to save £20bn by 2014.

The consultants also said a recruitment freeze and early retirement programme should be established, the Health Service Journal reported.

But the Department of Health said many services needed more staff, not fewer.
Problems with the reporting: firstly, this is the British media (who are crap); secondly it's from the BBC (who are simply a mouthpiece for the government and the 'progressive' establishment); thirdly, it doesn't give any proper details from the report; fourthly it's a 'leak', ie, obviously part of a government stratagem to wrong-foot the Tories; fifthly, the conclusions of any report into saving money are always going to come up with the obvious (because only) solutions, ie make drastic cuts (or 'the same old formulaic answers and their much-repeated mantra of job cuts as the answer' according to union reps - grow up, for Christ's sake).

It would be interesting to know how much of the dead wood of managers and quangocrats figured in the proposed firing line, since this is one area where we all know savings could be made.

For stating the bloody obvious, McKinsey's no doubt got paid a handsome wedge of our money. And will be ignored, to boot. Well done, everyone.

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