Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Lisbon Goes Ahead With Or Without Ireland - Official

So determined are the Euroscum to get the European Constitution/Lisbon Treaty in place that they're planning to implement it whatever Ireland votes in its second referendum. Under the headline 'France refuses to bury Lisbon in the event of another Irish no', Coulisses de Bruxelles says
"Following Berlusconi, Lellouche, Secretary of State for European affairs, openly suggested the possibility of applying the Treaty of Lisbon only to those states that had already ratified it, in the event of another no vote in Ireland in the referendum of 2nd October...
Berlusconi made it clear: "I believe we need to have a complete overhaul of the functioning of Europe to create a core of states that can work beyond unanimity"
Pardon my inelegant translation.

That's the way the EU works, folks: even if you get to vote, the Euroscum do what they want anyway.


Goodnight Vienna said...

That's a good find and I've linked to you. I wonder what they'd make of a 'No' vote from the British if we do get a referendum. It looks as though we're all waiting on the constitutional courts of Germany and the Czech Republic now.

Chief of the Inner Station said...

Many thanks. It's also popped up on Open Europe's site: http://www.openeurope.org.uk/media-centre/summary.aspx?id=940

I don't trust any of these bastards. I think Cameron's hoping it will all go away so he doesn't have to make any hard decisions or show any courage. I would have thought that an openly anti-EU stance would be an absolute vote-winner.