Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Down With Skool

Terry Deary, author of the successful 'Horrible History' books, hates schools:
“Schools are an utter waste of young life. Learning things that will never be any use to you. The only reason they are there is to keep kids off the street. They were a Victorian invention. The Industrial Revolution took kids from their families and made the parents work in factories long hours. Then they said, ‘we can’t have these little kids working here.’ So what do we do? Lock them all up in the same room all day and we’ll call it school. I spent hours learning trigonometry, physics, none of which prepared me for life. Relationships, talking to people, managing money, planning your career, how to help someone who has cut their leg open. I have had to learn these things by default.

“There won’t be any schools in 25 years. There will be mentoring. Older people passing their skills on to younger people. Teachers know nothing about life and the real needs of pupils.”
The only problem is, what are all those kids going to do if they're not incarcerated in school, and there aren't any jobs to keep them occupied?

Gordon Brown's intention is to lock 'em up in education if they don't have jobs. Hm.

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North Northwester said...

What a wanker Terry Deary is. Left-wing and other statist propaganda straight to the kiddywinks is his nice little earner, and he has a go at institutions that once taught children how to cope with a difficult and hostile world, and gave them knowledge and skills to deal with it and to make themselves valuable in it and hence to make it less hostile and more rewarding.

He's on my 'Up against the wall right now - don't even bother to wait for the revolution' list.