Thursday, 3 September 2009

Teachers Campaign Against Code Of Conduct

Teachers campaign against code of conduct | Education |
Thousands of teachers in England are campaigning for a new code of conduct to be scrapped because they say it intrudes into their private lives and strips them of basic human rights.

A petition against the code – which comes into force next month and requires teachers to uphold "public trust and confidence" in their profession, even out of school and on weekends – has collected more than 10,000 signatures over the summer holidays.
The offending article reads as follows:
Maintain reasonable standards in their own behaviour that enable them to maintain an effective learning environment and also to uphold public trust and confidence in the profession.
Keith Bartley, chief executive of the GTC, says 'The code is not open to interpretation,' - which shows what a clever chap he is.

One may wonder why, if this were such an important idea, that no one thought to do it before. There again, no one until the last decade or so would have been so arrogant and authoritarian to believe they had the right to tell people how to behave.

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