Friday, 16 January 2009

What A Bloody Shower

UK government renews plans for secret inquests. Bastards.

That's courtesy of Jack Straw. Bastard.

UK government changes law to prevent disclosure of MPs' expenses. Bastards.

That's courtesy of Harriet Harman, Class Warrior and Toff. Bitch.

And also Jack Straw (again). Bastard and Orifice.

UK government denies parliament a debate on Heathrow's 3rd runway. Bastards.

In a bid to raise his political standing Miliband admits that the 'war' on terror was a load of toss. Bastard.

Here's Jacqui Smith with that other pointless bitch, Blears, hosting a 'summit' in the community about the situation in Gaza and the government's response to it, etc, etc. Bitch.

Vadera's green shoots are a bit premature. Jesus, I remember them the first time round. Bitch.

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