Friday, 30 January 2009

Spawn Davos Refinery Walk Out Jobs BBC Spin

Local news coverage of the Lindsey walk-out over hiring of foreign workers. Useful comment from EU Referendum. And, of course, UKIP.

Latest BBC report here. No mention of the part played by EU regulation, of course.

This one isn't going to go away quickly.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said he does not regret promising "British jobs for British workers".
The Spawn of the Manse is busy being important at Davos, where the world's politicians and their friends are gathering to discuss how to fuck the world's economy even more.

Meanwhile Eurozone jobless at two-year high.

And the BBC still can't bring itself to use the word recession or acknowledge that the British government is partly responsible: tonight's backdrop on the main news said 'Global downturn' (having previously been just 'downturn'), thereby aligning the company with the delusions of its Great Leader Himself. On ITV the backdrop read 'Recession UK'.

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