Friday, 23 January 2009

Eurostrain Claims First Victim and French Fop Poodled

Iceland's Prime Minister quits. If only The Spawn of the Manse had the decency to do likewise.

Unrest in Europe continues. Greece goes up again.

The Euro isn't working.

Aznar, former Spanish PM, expresses reservations about EU. A bit late admitting it now, mate.

Poor old Sarko the Eurofop gets poodled. Pity it wasn't a rotweiller.

Old Holborn aims to piss off the Dutch: they want to put Geert Wilders in prison for being a bit close to the bone with his little film.

Meanwhile our glorious government is trying to slip another nasty little trick through in the Coroners and Justice Bill: data sharing 'to secure a relevant policy objective'. Just the thing you want from a bunch of losers like New Labour. Write to your MP.

The UK is officially in a recession. At last the BBC can stop calling it a downturn.

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