Thursday, 1 January 2009

Another Shit Idea From A Shit Government

The government is considering plans to compel everyone to take out private insurance to cover the costs of care in old age.

Why is this a shit idea?

1. Very few people will earn enough to ensure their payout will cover their needs (in just the same way few people can afford private health insurance).
2. If it works anything like the government-inspired private pension plans of the last 30 years then it'll be an expensive rip-off that won't deliver. It will, however, be a bonanza for insurance companies and the owners and shareholders of nursing homes.
3. We already pay a tax called National Insurance which should go towards state provision of care. In my case, for example, I often pay two lots of NI, one as a self-employed person and another when I take part-time PAYE employment.
4. This is a wheeze by a desperate government that wants to offload responsibility for its citizens and is de facto a shit idea.

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Anonymous said...

Our government is a waste of time and effort