Thursday, 22 January 2009

Dig And Spin: Headless Chicken Benefit Buggery

When is a recession not a recession? - when the BBC calls it a 'downturn'. Mervyn King was convinced we were in recession back in October, but what would he know? The BBC graphics and newspeak continue to call it a 'downturn'.

Labour just don't get the internet (thank God).

Another Tory MP's office searched by the police.

Not a lot in the news about the government's move to introduce secret inquests under the Coroners and Justice Bill. Not very important, I suppose.

We're Watching You, Benefit Fraud Campaign. Just as the country is collapsing into a recession, sorry, 'downturn', and unemployment is on the way to over two million, the government is busy stirring up an Orwellian witchhunt against benefit cheats. And wasting money in the process (£9 million, according to The Times). Nice one.

Dave calls The Spawn a headless chicken. Which is, in truth, the nicest thing you could call him.

The Spawn of the Manse, however, is too far gone in delusion and vanity to have the decency to acknowledge he's out of his depth.

Makes you wish we were more Australian in our choice of language, since our economy is even more buggered than theirs.

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