Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Every Big Brother Child Training Matters Reich Plan Agency

My grandson brought home a letter from his primary school advertising the services (free and confidential) of a Parent Support Adviser, who is available to help anything from eating habits to behaviour problems.

Sounds nice and caring, but being middle-aged and cynical (particularly after a decade of New Labour control-freakery) I immediately accessed the interweb and found Parent Support Advisers are part of a new quango, the Training and Development Agency. It's all part of New Labour's 'Every Child Matters' million-year Big Brother Reich plan, of course. Their job is...oh well, go and read about it yourself, I can't be bothered repeating the stuff.

I was amused to see a link on the page - 'Cutting through red tape'. No comment is needed, really.

In addition, another non-elected Labour minister, one Baroness Vadera, talked about seeing the 'green shoots' of recovery. A bit previous, young lady, considering the recession proper hasn't started yet (certainly not according to the BBC, who still insist on talking about 'the Downturn'). Also a bit too reminiscent for us oldies of Normam Lamont's shifty boast along the same lines way back in predigital times.

As for the Czech EU artwork, Entropa: is the hoax a hoax? Instead of being by 27 artists it's actually by one bloke, David Czerny, the organiser. That's proper art by a proper artist.

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