Tuesday, 20 January 2009

More Slop And Spin From The Troughmeisters

Westminster tries to prevent Welsh Assembly from disclosing MP's expenses.

Who are the terrorists? in the case of the Tarnac 9 - it's the state.

More polls show swing away from Labour.

Foreign advert ban puts British workers first (not): the actual headline of this (Times Online) is very misleading. In effect the EU is preventing all member state's companies from advertising skilled jobs outside the EU (ie the rest of the world). That doesn't mean British jobs for British workers - it means British jobs for EU workers. It deliberately confuses EU 'immigrants' with non-EU immigrants; the former, technically, not being immigrants at all, since they're citizens of the Great Illustrious Union. And it deliberately fudges the difference between unskilled and skilled workers. A typical bit of Labour spin. And also a typically sloppy bit of British journalism: it's probably taken straight from the government's own press release.

The EU gave non-EU basket cases cash: of which a large part was no doubt trousered. Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine received E166 MILLION 'to improve their capacity in the areas of: border control; migration/asylum management; fight against organised crime; and judiciary and good governance'!!!!!! (exclamation marks entirely mine). Not an overwhelming success, to judge by the press release.

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