Saturday, 3 January 2009

Qu'on nous permettre de nous en foutre

Or, "Allow us not to give a fuck." - which comes from the book The Coming Insurrection, written by the Tarnac 9, ie the nine young people arrested by French police recently for alleged 'terrorist' offences (ie wanting to be left alone by the powers-that-be).

The book is available for download in French and English versions. I found myself agreeing with a great deal of it, particularly its assault on the fetishisation of work. Not something The Spawn of the Manse would approve of, given his love of 'hard-working families' and such like. And the fact that he's a twat with a severe personality disorder.*

It connects with the fact that for the past thirty years in Britain we have basically had a constant level of unemployment (one million at least, which is 'mass' unemployment' in old media money) without it apparently having a bad effect on the economy. Couple that with the thousands of well-paid pointless non-jobs created in government, education and business (anything with 'adviser', 'service', 'quality', 'manager' or 'value' in the title, for instance) and you realise that the country runs pretty well with a large number of people not doing anything useful or productive at all.

On another tack, there's the school that is no longer a school, because the word has 'negative connotations'. It's a new build and seems rather nice according to the description by the developers. The local MP, who is a Labour man, isn't all that keen, which is odd considering his government has eradicated the world 'education' from the titles of the two main departments in charge of education.

Over at the discussion point XXVIII is 'How can we bring down the European Union?' By any means possible, I think. We better get working on it.

*Talking of twats, the ex-red Fascist, now Green EU Fascist, Daniel Cohn-Bendit has come out in support of the Tarnac 9:
Daniel Cohn-Bendit, a European Parliament member and a leader of the 1968 student anti-government protests in Paris, accused the police of “pushing people who criticize society to the brink,” the Liberation reported on Nov. 28.
Cohn-Bendit recently showed his true fascistic colours in his treatment of the Czech Prime Minister at an EU meeting. He's a vile opportunistic hypocrite and his 'support' for these people is game-playing on his part.

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