Saturday, 30 January 2010

Using State Weapons Against The State

Thanks to Dick Puddlecote for picking this up and signposting it. Right on the nail.

Alex Deane: How the march of officialdom is destroying cherished ways of life.

Alex Deane of Big Brother Watch talks about how we need to turn the tables on the state by using its own tactics against it. Continuous harassment and challenging of all officials, from bottom to top will become more and more necessary. It must reach the stage where, if government does not repeal the countless stupid and repressive laws that have been passed over the last decade, we will have to make the lives of everybody implementing these laws so uncomfortable, so difficult, so distressing, so unbearable that the system will break down. We have to declare war on the jobsworths as well as the politicians.

Yesterday I saw in the town centre four of these jobsworths talking together: two police community support officers and two City Heritage Wardens (wtf?). Not a sight of a proper copper, of course. And none of them would be any bloody use to you if some oaf were beating the shit out of you in broad daylight.

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