Thursday, 28 January 2010

Labour Says Always Look On The Bright side Of Life

Treasury employees given stress advice and told 'it's ok make nmistakes' - Telegraph
Treasury civil servants grappling with the recession and record deficit have been given a 71-page document to cope with stress which includes messages such as “learn to laugh at yourself” and a six-point lesson in how to “relax your thighs".
Top ten tips for coping with the stress of living and working under a Stasi Labour government are:
1.Do not put up with something that does not work correctly. Ensure it is repaired.
2.Look on the bright side.
3.Learn to say no – you have this right.
4.Avoid chaos
5.Write down thoughts and feelings.
6.Control aggression.
7.Learn to laugh at yourself
8.Deal with unpleasant tasks first
9.Shelve problems until you have the capacity to deal with them.
10.Ensure you’ve had enough sleep.
No 3 is touching: nice of Labour to acknowledge people have rights, even as they're methodically destroying them. Do you think they'd like it if we said NO to them on a continual basis?

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