Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Britain Heads For Power Cuts

E.ON chief: Preserve coal plants to keep lights on.
Ageing coal-fired power stations should be exempted from environmental regulations and kept open to stop the lights from going out, the chief executive of E.ON UK has urged the government.

Paul Golby told the Guardian that some of the coal and oil-fired plants due to close this decade because of European pollution regulations should remain operational and ready to come online during periods of peak demand such as those experienced in recent weeks. The Guardian revealed this month that almost 100 large power users had to switch to alternative sources when National Grid triggered clauses in their interruptible supply contracts.
And just because we are run by cretins who obey their cretin-masters in Brussels, we are going to suffer longer and more frequent power cuts in the very near future - and for a long time.

The green lobby are already whingeing, but even they must have noticed we are getting interrupted supplies. Not that they need worry, since no British government will have the guts or the intelligence to do anything about it.

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