Monday, 25 January 2010

World Delusions of Politicos And Their Media Whores

The UK's world role: Great Britain's greatness fixation
Britain has no such potency [ie as important world power]. Yet we still struggle to adjust to our reality. We can propose, as we shall be doing in three important London meetings this week, but we cannot dispose. Every day, the descant of the Chilcot inquiry reminds us of where the refusal to recognise this truth can humiliatingly lead. Our national interest should be to play our important role as a true, trusted and committed European partner on the world stage. No longer the greatest. Just one great among others. Good enough ought to be good enough. The people get it. If only the politicians did too.
'We can propose...'? 'We'? - what 'we' is this? We, the people, won't be proposing anything at all. We are not struuggling to 'adjust' to any reality. The 'we' of those sentences is the corrupt political class, which has no relation to the populace of the country.

I'm pretty sick of being told Britain has lost its role because it is no longer an imperial power. I'm even sicker of idiots telling us we should drown our sovereignty and identity within the EU in some sort effort to retain our international standing.

This is the waffle of vain politicians and their toadies in the media. As far as my own experience goes, the people don't give a fig for the loss of imperial power or for Britain's 'importance' or role in the world. Gordon Brown is but the latest in a line of Prime Ministers bloated with vanity who strutted around on the world stage proclaiming the greatness of Britain when all they were really doing was saying 'Look at me, aren't I a great world statesman?'

This country would be better off if our politicians concentrated on domestic matters and improving the lot of the people and let the rest of the world get on with its own affairs and wars by itself (especially American wars). That includes the EU. There is no such thing as a European identity. And Europe will never be a nation, whatever the EU does, whatever its apologists say.

The people aren't deluded. The politicians are.

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