Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Power Cuts, Rationing And High Energy Bills Ahead

British households risk unaffordable energy bills, Ofgem warns - Telegraph

The realisation that the government is about to drop us back into the 1970s when we had blackouts and energy rationing is just dawning on the media and the populace.
In a wide-ranging report into the future of Britain's energy market, Ofgem said that there is a risk that bills could rise by up to 25pc over the next decade unless measures are taken.

Ofgem said that the unprecedented combination of the global financial crisis, tough environmental targets, increasing gas import dependency and the closure of ageing power stations has combined to cast reasonable doubt over whether the current energy arrangements will deliver secure and sustainable energy supplies.
The Telegraph neatly omits the fact that 'tough environmental targets' and 'closure of ageing power stations' are both enforced by the EU.

The original press release from Ofgem can be read here.

Britain has only 3 weeks of energy reserves, as against four months for the Germans. And the EU still wants the ability to take British energy 'in solidarity' with other other member states if they have a shortfall, ie if Russia has another spat with Georgia.

In the meantime the government expands the number of windfarms, which are inefficient and expensive.

The next decade is going to dark in more ways than one.

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