Monday, 22 February 2010

Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation Toes Labour Bully Line

Good to see the BBC following the Labour spin-line on the Gordon Brown bullying story. The 6 o'clock news sidestepped anything to do with the sources of the stories, ie Peter Watts in January and now Andrew Rawnsley in favour of concentrating on a suitable diversion, ie Mrs Pratt and her National Bullying Helpline.

Mrs Pratt is indeed a useful idiot, a) for (ultimately) exposing those who called her helpline and b) for not realising the Labour monster and the media whores would be all over her and her past in an attempt to smear her.

Fortunately in this case, shit sticks, and there'll be enough residue clinging to Brown right up to the election, however new Labour try to spin it.

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