Sunday, 14 February 2010

Why British Journalists Are Shit

The deliberate refusal to acknowledge to influence of the EU in everyday life is a disgrace in most of the British media, particularly in the left-wing journals such as the Guardian and the Observer.

Hence this in the Observer's Business section today on Home Improvement Packs ('Will estate agents shake the Hips?'):
Hips were introduced in England and Wales in 2007 to provide more "up front" information for buyers. Before them some 28% of sales fell through, often because of problems discovered late in the purchase process.
Wrong. Hips were introduced to comply with the EU's Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. Typically, though, whereas the original legislation demands only one document, the British government demands nine.

Check that out here.

As for Mr Norwood's second statement, I doubt very much that sales he said had fallen through because of 'problems discovered late' had anything to do with energy concerns.

Misleading, incorrect and uninformed. Since these journos are paid to investigate and check sources I can only assume it's deliberate. A bit like Toby Helm covering the problems at the Royal Mail without once mentioning the direct effect of the EU's Postal Services Directive.

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