Thursday, 24 December 2009

The Rotting Fruit of Multiculturalism

The American Spectator
European's politicians need to be held to account for what has come to pass. Under the fatefully misguided doctrine of multiculturalism, new arrivals into Europe are not only not encouraged to integrate into their host country, they are actively encouraged to separate themselves off from it. Governments speak to minorities through unelected, self-appointed community "spokespeople." There is no such thing as society: just different "communities." It is almost a textbook example of how to split a nation apart. And since Islamic terror came to Europe it has begun to dawn on some people that multiculturalism has provided more problems than it has solutions. Even those on the left who used to champion the policy of anti-integration have started to notice where it leads, as urban ghettoes grew into ghetto cities and completely parallel societies develop.
This is a warning of what is to come not just in the UK but throughout the whole of the EU. The deliberate destruction of nation states and the attack on national cultures and identities will end in strife.

One thing is assured: our political classes will have learnt nothing.

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