Sunday, 6 December 2009

Reverse Cultural Suicide Revolution

Peter Hitchens in the Mail:
Yet again we are told that the schools don’t teach and the police don’t go out on the beat. When will people grasp that this is because of the Left-wing dogma that has us in its grip? Leftists are opposed to proper teaching on principle and think crime is caused by poverty and abuse. We need a reverse cultural revolution to put these things right. We won’t get it from the Tories.
It is quite obvious to many of us that there is a deliberate policy of destroying education as most of us have understood it. That's why so many young people leave school knowing nothing, having read nothing, unable to write, unprepared for life - and all despite the government's continuous prating about equipping them with up-to-date 'skills' for a 'fast-changing world', as if no one had ever had to cope with change before.

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