Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Hillier ID Card Cretin

Identity minister forgets ID card.

Yes, Meg Hillier, the latest Labour apologist for the ID card scheme, proves yet again what a bunch of fuckwits they all are:
Identity minister Meg Hillier arrived at a photocall to promote identity cards, but then realised she left her own at home.

She travelled to Liverpool to announce a further roll-out of the controversial identity cards across the North West.

Ms Hillier checked her handbag for the card before putting the slip-up down to the demands of looking after her baby.
Meanwhile, over in Hull, a man and his wife are prevented from boarding a ferry after their ID cards are refused:
A man has received an apology from the Home Office after his ID card was refused as he tried to board a ferry to Rotterdam.

Norman Eastwood, from Salford, and his wife Jeanette were planning to travel from Hull on P&O Ferries on Saturday.

The new ID card, introduced in Manchester, can be used instead of a passport across Europe - but the travel firm said it did not know this.

A Home Office spokesman said it "seems to be an isolated experience".
What I want to know is why have Mr and Mrs Eastwood got these damn cards in the first place. Did they sign up voluntarily? Do they realise what they've let themselves in for? Why the hell didn't they just bring their passports?

Even poor old Kosmoplito, Euro-luvvie, has had problems with his Belgian ID card in Sainsburys.


Jon Worth said...

Just to point out: no, I have not had problems with a Belgian ID in Sainsbury's. I don't write the Kosmopolito blog.

Chief of the Inner Station said...

Apologies. Entry duly amended.