Friday, 24 April 2009

Pirate Hordes Take Over Europe

David Cerny, artist of the controversial EU sculpture Entropa, has dismantled the artwork ahead of the deadline in protest at the new government in the Czech Republic.
Cerny has also made it clear he did not support the new government of Prime Minister Jan Fischer, because it included many former communists.

"I don't want to support them, they do not deserve to lead the European Union, this is as if a pirate horde has taken over Europe", Cerny said.

Gordon Brown ploughs on with his compulsory volunteering for young people: Youth Community Service. All part of the hectoring, self-righteous bossiness we've come to expect of the Spawn and his familiars. I note that these young people are only good enough to be groomed as servers and not as leaders, so no Common Purpose for them, then.

Brown talks about young people being able to 'make a difference'. Well, he could make a real difference by fucking off. It's a pity we'll have to wait till the election before we can defenestrate the bastard.

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