Thursday, 2 April 2009

G20 Blah Demonstrations Blah Riots Blah (Not)

Not much real street action, then, yesterday. I wonder if today will be any better?

Did anyone else think there were far too many cameras in place outside RBS when the 'protestors' broke windows and 'stormed' the building (without actually doing anything once they got inside)? Pity that RBS hadn't had the foresight to board those windows up, eh?

The Society of the Spectacle, my friends. It's all bullshit (so far).

Also, a student of mine yesterday asked me if I knew exactly when this blagfest was on, since he will be travelling to London at the weekend. I told him to check on the G20 website. He said he had, and it didn't give the actual dates of the summit. I've checked. It doesn't. These useless fucks can't even get the basic info on their own website let alone come up with 'global' solutions to problems they themselves caused or allowed to happen.

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