Monday, 27 April 2009

Face Punch Innovation Spawn Labour Slime

Bra Boss Withdraws Support For labour: Labour are now officially a bunch of sagging tits

A punch in the face for Darzi, Labour's Apparatchik In Chief For Fucking The NHS, who has declared we need to improve efficiency within the service by more 'innovation'. No, we fucking don't. We don't need 'innovation' in anything; we need common sense and honesty. Further efficiencies could be secured by abolishing all quangos and associated semi-governmental cash drains, including Darzi himself. The Curmudgeon delivers his response.

A punch in the face and a kick in the knackers for Gordon Brown, Prime Mentalist, Spawn of the Manse, Bottler in Chief - everyone else is calling for signatures on the online petition, so why shouldn't I? - sign the petition for the twat to resign.

A punch in the face for the Labour Party: another defection (followed by bilious reactions), at Labourhhome. The party ceased to be Labour in any form once Blair, Brown, Mandelson and the others got hold of it after John Smith died. Those in the party who think it can be rescued and returned to its roots are deluded. It's a sack of poison, a piece of earth scorched and ploughed with salt. It's like some creature from a horror movie - everything it touches turns to filth and slime.

Are the others any better? Unfortunately not a lot. British politics is run by a rancid bunch of professional politicos who're told what to do by another bunch of rancid politicos in the EU. So a punch in the face for the lot of them as well.

And another punch in the face for the Spawn, as his panic measure to defuse the MPs' expenses row blows up in his his flabby face.

And a punch in the face for Mandelson, just because I feel like it.

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