Tuesday, 26 October 2010

State Snoopers - Data Retention Revived in UK (on the orders of the EU)

The previous government's Intercept Modernisation Programme has been revived by the new Coalition. This is,in plain language, the reintroduction of a plan to spy on all our telephone calls and internet activity - although, at the moment, that spying does not cover the actual content of communications.

This moves clearly contradicts claims by both Coalition partners that they would cut back on Labour's surveillance state.

Why, then, are they reviving this programme?


They have no choice. This is an EU requirement. Directive 2006/24/EC. Not that you'll get the British media mentioning the fact.

What's worse is this: Clarke warns on phone terror plan. That's the jug-eared Labout twat, not the cigar-smoking twat now back in office.

Labour were very keen to push this programme through the EU. For which they ought to be strung up.

Pity they didn't ask us about it.

Pity the UK media couldn't be bothered to tell us about it either. One thing you can be certain about - neither the politicians nor the useless twats in the media are going to admit the truth.

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