Saturday, 30 October 2010

Irish Resistance Blarney Bollix Elite EU What?

Lecturer Geraldine Moane suggests the Irish people should learn from their colonial past how to resist the impositions of the 'elite of financial and political decision-makers' who have wrought such economic damage on the country.

She talks of Ireland as being 'postcolonial'. Obviously she hasn't taken into account the fact that although Ireland is no longer a British colony it is now a colony of the European Union. The political class of the country is completely bound in with its EU masters, as evidenced by the cowardly and undemocratic behaviour of Cowen in caving in to Brussels bullying over the re-run of the Lisbon Treaty referendum.

With traitors like that what chance have you got? Your enemy there, as here, is your own government, your own political class. The financiers and business people are only part of that elite.

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