Monday, 25 October 2010

Gaza, the prison camp with a university, shopping mall, leisure parks, etc.

I'm surprised that The Observer printed this article ('Gaza hardliners launch arson attack on family leisure park') after all the progressives' descriptions of Gaza as a prison camp and a humanitarian disaster in the making, etc. Presumably too much of the truth has started to leak out and they've decided to change tack. Now they acknowledge the existence of leisure parks and restaurants, but it's not Hamas who are setting fire to them or shutting them down. No, it's hardliners.

Not to forget, though, that in the end it's really the fault of the west and those pesky Jews in Israel:

For some, the west, and Israel, must shoulder some of the blame. "The broader picture of isolation in Gaza – international sanctions and closure – is a recipe for extremism to flourish," said Shaqqura. "We are gradually moving to a monolithic society as interpreted by the ruling party. Their ideology flourishes in poverty and isolation. You can see the impact of this clearly."

That's presumably the west that pumps billions of dollars and euros of aid into Gaza.

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