Friday, 17 July 2009

Beatrix Bunny Campbell Fascist

Courtesy of Old Holborn:
OK Beatrix, I am not going to get into a longwinded rant about the assumption of guilt before innocence, the tardy "if you've nothing to hide" argument, the idiocy of your argument that CCTV is good for the "collective safety" or that having your details on a State computer is a "minor interruption of an adult's privacy".
Instead, I am going to show you that if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. Consider yourself a fully paid up member of every Islamic Extremist organisation in the world. I have just put your name and email address on their mailing lists. You are also now a member of the BNP AND Respect. I have signed you up. You will shortly find your name and photo on Gaydar. You have joined Pro Palestinian and Pro Zionist organisations. You are now a member of the friends of Huntingdon Life Sciences AND an eco warrier. Your email address is the weapon I shall be using against you on the big wide Internet. The one that is closely monitored by the ever so nice State.
Don't worry, you have nothing to fear, do you?
And what has the delightful Ms Campbell done to fire up his ire so much?

Talking a load of leftwing fascist bollocks about the vetting of authors under the govt's new 'we must protect the children' database, the Independent Safeguarding Authority, that's what.

Beatrix Campbell: erstwhile communist, Witchfinder-General of Non-Existent Child Abuse, and fucktard.

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