Saturday, 25 July 2009

All Your Birth Death Are Belong EU

Cradle to grave EU plan scrutiny. EU-state birth and death certificates.

A propos of this, and the EU's intention to abolish nation states and encourage the dispersal of self-defined national and tribal groupings, this quote from Dan Evertt's fascinating book Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes
While the Pirahas are very tolerant and peaceful to one another, they can be violent in keeping others out of their land. It also shows us once again that tolerance toward a group of outsiders and coexistence with them does not mean long-term acceptance. The Apurinas had believed that a lifetime among another people could overcome the differences in culture and society that separated them from this other people. They learned the deadly lesson that these barriers are nearly impossible to overcome, in spite of appearances over time – just as residents of the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, and many other places have learned in the course of history.
Europe is not a nation and never will be.

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