Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sloppy Journo Ferguson Gaia Lovelock Bollocks Meme

Euan Ferguson, one of the Observer's finest, reveals himself to be just another sloppy journo in talking of James Lovelock:
What he's always wanted to see, since he formulated the theory back in the Sixties and Seventies, was Gaia: the Earth as an entity which could be described as "living". "Gaia theory", while once ridiculed, is now accepted by most scientists, so many of its predictions having objectively been seen to come to pass.
Not true, Mr Ferguson. Lovelock's Gaia 'theory' is not and never has been 'accepted by most scientists' for the simple reason that it is a load of baloney.

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Ris said...

I've just been reading this and was staggered by the nonsense in Mr Ferguson's writing. He says Lovelock is still "working hard on schemes to slow global heating [...] such as ocean pipes to fertilise algae with cold water from the seabed".

Well, the fertility of cold water surprised me but it seems Ferguson does not deem it worthy of further pursuit. Question nothing, Euan!