Friday, 28 August 2009

EU Water Scottish Pellets Waste Bilge

Taxpayers Face Massive Legal Bill Over Illegal Burning Of Sewage (from Sunday Herald)
TAXPAYERS COULD be lumbered with a large legal bill because Scotland's environment watchdog is allowing 200,000 tonnes of sewage sludge to be illegally burned in a polluting power station.

A secret Scottish Executive memo, leaked to the Sunday Herald, reveals that the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) has made a deal that enables sludge to be incinerated at Longannet power station for four years, in breach of European law.

The memo, to the first minister Jack McConnell last year, warns that Scottish ministers risk being taken to court by the European Commission and landed with substantial costs as a result.
Interesting presentation. The article talks of 'burning sludge', which gives a rather different impression from burning solid pellets, which is what actually happens. Those pellets help to produce cleaner energy than coal or oil. The article also accepts without question that the law is sensible (a stupid thing to do when it's an EU law). Add to that the slant, ie tax-payers having to stump up to defend companies breaking 'the law' and you have an excellent example of pro-EU propaganda.

If you can bothered to wade through the legal sludge produced by the EU directive which throws up the problem of what can or cannot be burned in an incineration plant or a co-incineration plant to produce energy from its heat or not, then go here.

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